Gallery Collections

  • First Talking Clocks
    Circa 1911, the first Talking Clock (Hiller)---only 300. One recently for sale---$9,084
  • Cartoon "People"
    Raggedy Ann, Howdy Doody, peanuts, Tweety Bird and a bunch more.
  • Heroes and Super Heroes
    For the most part, the heroes are fictional, i.e., Batman, Superman, some exceptions, i.e., Hulk Hogan, Ken Griffy Jr.
  • Females Who Never Lived
    Barbie, Bratz, Cinderella, She-Ra Princess of Power, and Dora the Explorer and…
  • Kingdom of Animals
    The cast of characters range from animals that jump, fly, growl, purr, to those that defy a word.
  • The Mouse that Roared
    Mickey Mouse has been immortalized in nearly 20 different talking clocks.
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    Antique autos, helicopters, motorcycles, trains, WWII B-17, and race cars and…
  • The Relegiously and Mystically Themed
    Nearly all major religions are represented i.e., Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Astrology.
  • Rockets and Robots
    Star Trek, and Star Wars for the rockets, Robby the Robot and Dalex for the robots and all those in-between.
  • Teaching Clocks
    1968, the Mattel-a-Time, a first talking clock to teach kids to tell the time.
  • All Sports
    Nearly all sports, i.e., golf, fishing, baseball, football, hockey, but not curling!
  • Clocks on the Wall
    Santa Claus, Three Stooges, Cartman, Jeff Foxworthy, Sylvester and Tweedy, Pooh Bear are just a few on the wall.
  • You Talkin' To Me?
    Talking clocks that just announce the time, there is no displayed time.
  • Clocks with Hands
    Analogues, plain and simple
  • The Digitals Rule
    Talking clocks in over 20 languages by some notable brand names, i.e., Seiko, Westclox, Timex.
  • Corded Clocks
    Interactive---speak to the clock and it talks back!
  • Branded Clocks
    Company-logo-identified talking clocks, viz.: Coca Cola, Kellogg, Energizer, Campbell Soup, Heinz.
  • Time and Temperature
    Talking clocks that speak the time AND the temperature, AND the humidity AND a weather forecast.
  • Atomic Clocks
    Accuracy to within +/- one-second in 20 million years!
  • BodyCentric Talking Clocks
    The downside to a talking wristwatch is they may go “off” at inopportune times such as the boardroom or the bedroom.
  • Potpourri
    Pot-pour-ri: a miscellaneous mixture, that defy any kind of rational similarities so as to be placed in any one category.
  • Travel Clocks
    Old fashion travel clocks (those that talk included) are going the way of the dinosaur—extinct!
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